Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Goals

When we visited the Mid-West Brother Huxford gave a lesson that I thought might be beneficial to others.
"Don't Keep Score"
He starts out be saying when his twins were playing T-ball his son kept score (even when T-ball doesn't keep score), In his heart and mind he "knew" if he won or lost. He was sad when his team lost and happy when his team won. On the contrast his sister did not keep score. She just played and had fun Every game. She got her turn at bat and got her turn in the field and just enjoyed the game and being with her friends. She had the better experience Each game.
Then Brother Huxford talked about his first year of marriage. He had a job and was a student, his wife had a job and was a student. One day the football game was on tv. He was on the couch watching the game and his wife was vacuumining the floor. This did not bother him much until she started to vacuum right in front of the tv. Then he said," What are you doing?" She then said, "I am sweeping the floor, what are YOU doing?" He then realized that he was just lounging about while she was doing the work. That ended the game watching. He could have said, Well I work and study this many hours while you work and study that many hours, but he realized that they were partners and that you don't keep score in a marriage. You talk about the goals and how to achieve them and what each person will add to the marriage. You would drive yourself nuts if you kept score. "Since I did this you owe me that. Or because you did this than I can do that." That may be fair and equal but it does not lead to happiness. This can also be applied to church or work or friendships.
You know that sometimes you think about the people who come late for church Every time. Or the lady in church that wears a little too much make-up, or the man who only comes once in a while to church. You can think yourself a little better than they perhaps. What about at work when you see that someone else gets recognized for their work and you think to yourself that you Know you work harder than they do. Or you find out that they make just as much or more than you do, for the less work they do. What about people who always go to someone else's party but do not show up at your house for your party? Do you invite them again, or do you erase them from your list. Keeping Score....Not the road to happiness.
A job well done by you in your home, work, church, and among your friends will lead to happiness. You give what you can and they give what they can into the relationship. Enjoy the moment, be happy with yourself and with others. That is the key. So this new year of new starts Quit Keeping Score.
HAPPY New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

for the record

One time we watched a Christmas movie where a large family hung Mistletoe and then sang a song to gather everyone under the Mistletoe.
Who'll stand under the mistletoe with me? Who, who will come hither, who, who will it be?
With a Hey diddle-lee die do, Hey diddle-lee doo.
I'll stand under the mistletoe with you.

I have missed singing that song and gathering the children. Maybe they will do this with their family.

Music: (Middle) C C D E F E D G G G
(Middle) C C D E D C A A G F G
G G (HI ) C B B A G E
(Middle) C C D E F E D G (LO)B (Middle) C

You're Welcome

Friday, December 18, 2009

All about our Christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas Meme
I've seen a few other holiday memes out there, and decided to come up with my own. If you wanna play along, just copy and paste into your own blog -- of course changing the answers to reflect your own! Oh - and if you celebrate something besides Christmas, like Hanukah, Kwanza, or Festivus, maybe you could tell us about that too!

1 The last time I went caroling- was when I took my little cub scouts around the neighborhood.
2. My favorite Drink in the winter is - Hot Cocoa
3. Favorite Holiday meal - Turkey and Pumpkin pie, Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, Corn and pumpkin pie, Hot rolls and pumpkin pie, Mashed potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie, and then for dessert Pumpkin pie
4. I think Fruit Cake - Nasty
5. One tradition we had growing up - was to wake up before our parents so we could jump up and down on their beds and shout, "Merry Christmas!"
6. One tradition we have now - Getting up early to Christmas music, opening presents, and eating waffles and hot cocoa
7. I get my Christmas Tree from - The garage attic
8. I usually decorate - before December 1st so that it looks ready for Christmas when my girls have their birthdays
9. On Christmas Eve I/we usually - sleep. I used to go to a church that had a midnight service and that was nice. But the one I go to now does not do that. One time I went caroling on Christmas Eve. Now I end up working on Christmas Eve so those with young children can enjoy the holiday.
10. On Christmas morning I/we wake up - early, of course we pick a different day for the early rising.
11. One special thing I make at Christmas time is - my tummy full of candy, nuts, and tangerines
12. My Favorite Christmas song is - "I'll Be Home for Christmas", "The Christmas Song", "Greensleeves", ."I dreaming of a White Christmas.....
13. Every Christmas - I play Johnny Mathis on the record player. Make Gingerbread houses.
14. I hang my stockings - by the Chimney with care
15. Something I look forward to at Christmas time is - getting together to open presents and playing games.
16. My Favorite Thing about the Holidays -is opening all the cards and hanging them on the walls.
Feel free to add your name here if you participate so we can all join in the fun!
1. puphigirl2. patricia miller
3. You're next!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Partial Tidings

We visited the midwest and saw 2 of our children for the holidays. Then we went to Utah and saw 2 more.

Good times had by all. We ate a lot and had good travels. My hubby and & I did not even get sick and tired of each other....a small feat in itself when you consider that I am a front seat back-seat driver and very vocal (think of Hyacinth) and do not care to travel a lot by car. Long days and several days in a row took its toll physically but mentally we were terrific.

We first got in to town where Samuel lives. He was out of town to be with Jenny in Indy. So we unloaded all of our stuff and finalized our plans for the next day then got some much needed sleep. We first went to Sam's brothers and sisters holiday gathering for the siblings and children still at home and marrieds under a year. Marvin played the dulcimer, we played a game by Elva, we ate a lot of delicious food, we sang a carol, and talked a lot. Even looked at some things on the computer and the dvr.

Then we went shopping for food for sunday and monday. On sunday we went to church in Elkhart and got invited to Boyce's for lunch and Gibson's for supper. Yummy food again. Plus the visiting we got in there.

Monday we went to Sarah's and did a few fixit things. It was nice to spend time with her and her family. She even put up her tree while we were there. Then being the old people we are we left to go sleep at Samuel's. We caught up with Samuel that night and he looked fine. We would see him again at Sarah's on Tuesday.

Tuesday we went shopping again and then to Sarah's. We snacked and then Sarah made the best ever chili and then we snacked again. Samuel came after work and we all enjoyed each other and the little children. We opened presents and watched them play for a little bit. Then we retired again to Samuel's.

Wednesday we took my niece Debora out to lunch and visited with her a little bit, then we stopped by to see Aunt Kiyoko and she fed us again. Then we headed for the motel in Illinois. We slept a few hours then headed out again to make good time.

We arrived in Utah on Friday and shopped again and then went to Naomi's to visit a little and attend her ward's Christmas dinner. We had a nice time and good food (again).

Saturday we headed to Emma's to help her set up her church for the ward dinner that night. Naomi's family came for the Miller Early Christmas Gathering. We ate and opened presents and played games. Then we stayed for Emma's ward Christmas dinner. Again good food. Sam played Santa for Emma's ward.

Sunday we came home, and just beat the storm that blew in. We unloaded the car, and Sam got our decorations down so we could decorate for Christmas. It felt odd not having them up already.

We ended up getting 14 inches of snow and it was very cold and dreary. Sam did not go to work and Ruth did not come over for laundry day. We just holed up and enjoyed the day.

We are now waiting for EJ to join us for Christmas. Rachel and her family, and Ruth and her family will all be with us to enjoy the last of our Christmas Gathering. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year.

Monday, September 28, 2009

North, to Alaska

I just got back from taking Hubby to airport. He is off to Alaska this week. After that he will go on a trip to Belgium. Chocolates......
I am always glad when he returns from his trips and try to keep the home fires burning. I think it is nice that he knows where I am and what I am doing. Which is usually nothing much. Work, eat, sleep, watch tv.
Mondays are Ruth's laundry day. Plus today she will make applesauce at my house. So it should smell really good. Then the rest of the week I work. Boring, I know.
Not much else happening. We try to have a date outing when he is home. Sometimes it is just going to the store together. But then, remember we are old people so it is okay.
He usually brings home pictures of interesting things. And he will tell a funny or interesting story.
He works hard and I appreciate him. Can't wait to see him again. Till Friday!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

scavenger-type hunt

Last sunday our High Counselor gave a talk that his daughter went with her YW group for a scavenger hunt, with a twist.

The girls were divided up and each group was given a pencil and a pass-a-long card. They were instructed to Trade Up at each house and leave a card. Well they explained what they were doing at each house and started trading up. A pencil for an apple, and apple for book, etc. They finally were out of cards and it was time to go back to the church. Then the girls were impressed to go to one more house. They went back to the church to get one more card and told them they would be right back. They went to the house of a man who was from South America. He brought a beaded bag for them to trade up and he told them that it meant a great deal to him. Then he said that he noticed from the card that they were members of the LDS church. They answered yes and he said he was too but he lost contact with the church for 18 years. The girls were glad that they followed their impression and were glad to be an instrument in the Lord's hand.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


On saturday I was out in my pool Aquasizing. I was all finished and was just swimming about when I thought about getting one of the kid's ring to float on. Just a few weeks ago Rachel had tried to float on the kid's ring and flipped over. I thought to myself "she must not have centered herself right". So I thought I would try to get right in the middle and relax. Well, I tried it and immediately flipped over. Great..... Well maybe I wasn't quite centered. I will try it again. Splash! nope that did not work either. Guess I need a jumbo giant ring. I was so glad no one was there to see me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Plum Full

We have a tree at the side of our house that went Crazy this year. It was so full of plums that it broke 3 branches because of the weight. Well on friday we picked plums. We have a LOT. We will share them, eat them, and if Rachel wants to make plum pudding we will encourage her. So now we can say the tree was Plum Full and we were Plum Tired from the picking and cleaning.

I know you are all drooling now and I really feel bad about that. So bad that I will probably eat a plum or 2 in your honor. (they are small but good)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Salsa won 2nd place.

So for the salsa contest, I won 2nd place. The first prize winner and his wife were having their own competition, then the recipe we made was our first endeavor so we were pleased, and the 3rd place winner admitted he went to a local restaurant and got a jar of his favorite... cheater!

A big shout out to the originator of my prize winning salsa. Thanks again.


Posted by PicasaAs you can see, this year we dressed in Country Clothes since hubby was a farm boy. We enjoyed ourselves and really liked having the children here. We feel our age and are glad we can keep up a little. Napping here and there as able. Thank you all who could make it and make this reunion a wonderful one. See you all together in 2 years. Love, MOM

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Not the dance, the chip companion.
I do not usually eat salsa but I like the Newman brand , but you can not always find it. I went to one daughter's Sock Hockey game and a lady brought home made salsa. It had corn in it and I thought I would try it. It looked quite attractive, very colorful. So I had 1 serving with chips, then a 2nd serving. Needless to say I went back for 3rds. Yes, it was that good.

Our church is having a Fiesta with a salsa contest. So I asked my daughter if her friend would part with the recipe. She did. And she did not swear me to secrecy... so I will include it in this blog.

Hubby and I went to the store and bought the supplies, then we put it all together just like the recipe said. Then we canned it like the recipe said and we had to eat a little that would not fit in the jars. Yummmmmmm. We modified the recipe because she had a double batch with 12 cups of tomatoes.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we will and I hope I at least get 2nd prize in the contest. The credit goes to Linda. Thanks Linda...What other recipes you got?

6 cups chopt tomatoes
1 (6oz can) tomato paste
1 1/2 cups chopt onions
3/4 cup cider vinegar (or white )
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 tbl salt (we only used 1 1/2 tsp because hubby shouldn't have much salt)
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 clove garlic chopt or pressed
3 green peppers chopt
1 (7 oz) can green chilies
1 jalapeno pepper, don't use seeds ( we added a few 'cause hubby insisted)
1 can drained corn or equivalent in frozen corn.

Simmer all on stove until desired thickness then put in pint jars and seal in water bath 15 minutes. We got 7 pints with a little extra to taste.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


No, just kidding. But we have had a few laughs around here regarding a daughter's recent post.

What I really wanted to blog about this time is never enough....

There is never enough time, there is never enough money, there is never enough will-power, there is never enough energy....

See what I mean. When I have the one, I don't have the other. Maybe I have the time, but not the money. Or I have the money and not the energy. Or I have the energy, but not the time.

Why can't I have them all at the same time? It really bugs me. Some times I wonder if it just to keep my mind busy to figure it all out. I like to figure an answer. I like to exhaust all avenues before admitting defeat. It is nothing for me to spend time unscrambling a dufloppy mess of yarn and roll it in a ball. I will count in my head, on paper, and on my fingers several times until the calculator and I agree when managing the check book. But I digress...

So with all that being said, we have a reunion coming up and I am hoping that I have the time, energy, money, and will-power all at the same time. Oh, and I forgot health. Yeah, I don't wanna be sick while they are here. I will let you know how the reunion turned out. So until then... you will have to Just Wait.

Friday, July 3, 2009

play along with us

If you wanna play along, just copy and paste (changing the answer to reflect you) into your own blog.Finish these Sentences...

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss……is never really my last kiss
2. I am listening to…the family talking about Miracle Whip
3. I talk…because I have vitally important things to say.
4. I love…chocolate, strawberries, Ovaltine, and one good man.
5. My best friends…Will be my best friends no matter how seldom I see them.
6. My first real kiss….Was very innocent and very short
7. There is no…place to hide
8. Marriage…is a Life Sentence ( An Eternal Life Sentence in my case)
9. Somewhere, someone is thinking…Where did I put that __________.
10. I’ll always remember…Oh, wait...I forgot, I'll come back to this one.
11. The last time I really cried was because…I was reliving some fond memories
12. My cell phone…is a great convenience
13. When I wake up in the morning…I get up
14. Before I go to bed…I listen to an old movie
15. Right now I am thinking about…the work I am not doing to get ready for tomorrow
16. Babies are…precious grandchildren.
17. I get on MySpace…not too often
18. Today I…ran around a lot with my hubby and will be sleeping soon
19. Tomorrow I will....be going to a bike parade, a carnival, and watch fireworks
20. I really want to be…Svelte
21. I am allergic to…Dust
22. I am annoyed by…stupidity
23. One food I refuse to eat is…cottage cheese
24. The most recent thing I’ve learned is…I continue to be spoiled
25. The number one thing on my bucket list is…to learn to sing better
26. Something I’ve always wanted to learn to do is…speak Spanish
27. I have a high tolerance for…my indiscretions
28. I have a low tolerance for…other peoples' indiscretions
29. I wish…I was talented
.30. The one person I would happily make a fool out of myself if I ever saw in person…Is YOU the reader

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All about us

Here's 30 questions about you and your spouse.
1. What are your middle names? E. & Leigh
2. How long have you been together? married 37 years
3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? few days
4. Who asked who out? I asked him for a date on Saturday but then he asked me to go bowling before that Saturday.
5. How old were each of you when you started dating? He was 20, I was 19
6. Whose siblings do/did you see the most? his
7. Do you have children together? yes, 2 boys, 5 girls
8. What about pets? a pretend dog, plus Otis is here for a while
9. Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? not enough fundage
10. Did you go to the same school? no
11. Are you from the same home town? no
12. Who is the smartest? He is, but don't tell him
13. Who is the most sensitive? depends on whether it involves engines
14. Where do you eat out most as a couple? either Chinese or Mexican
15. Who has the worst temper? me
16. Who does the cooking? he does17. Who is more social? II am
18. Who is the neat freak? neither of us, really
19. Who is more stubborn? I call it determination
20. Who hogs the bed? Me
21. Who wakes up earlier? He does
22. Where was your first date? Bowling Alley
23. Who has the bigger family? He does
24. Do you get flowers often? Not often, but always appreciated
25. How do you spend Christmas? We have 2 or 3 Christmases. We start off in Nevada. Then go to Utah and Indiana, Last year we threw in Tennessee
26. How long did it take to get serious? I fell in "Love at first sight." We dated 7 months and then got engaged for 4 months before we eloped.
27. Who eats more? me
28. Who does/did the laundry? I do mine, he does his plus the towels
29. Who's better with the computer? He is
30. Who drives when you are together? He does
If you want to do the survey consider yourself tagged.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blessed,Honored Pioneers

Okay, so I don't have any pioneer ancestors. I feel like I have adopted into the Pioneer Heritage because I am a member of the church. We celebrate Pioneer Day every year, even in Indiana we celebrated it. This year our youth are going on a Trek. They are dressing like pioneers and using handcarts to go the distance. They left this week. Some of our leaders have gone to act as Parents. Each Family willl have 10 Children. The leader asked if our Ward Activity could be geared toward the pioneer theme. We accepted the challenge.

We had our Pioneer Activity last saturday. We had collected pie tins to use as plates. We had a long rope that was used for tug-o-war and then for jump rope. We played upset the fruit basket, missionary tag, Red Rover, freeze tag, Stick Pull, 3-legged race, and had a Blanket Ride where men held the blanket and the ride would get a ride up and down. We even had a couple of baby quilts to tie. I thought maybe the youth would play separate from the adults but I was pleasantly surprised when Everyone played all together. The adults were running all over the gym right with the children. One sister even got a blanket ride.

Those who wanted to, dressed like pioneers. Several of us went bare foot. We had quilts on the wall and a few pioneer pictures. We ate pulled pork sandwiches, corn, mashed tatties, baked beans, and Rhubarb Cobbler, yum. We even had mixed peanut butter, apple butter, and bread for those who did not want Pork. Some little children ate those and a few adults that love peanut butter had to try it several times.

Everywhere I looked I saw smiles. So I say that it was a huge success. We got our youth and adults in the mood for their trek and we got the pioneer spirit a month early.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Louise's Funeral

Where to begin....the behind the scenes is a story of its own, but maybe this is not the place for that.

I will start with the viewing. Louise had on a colorful outfit that Brenda and David ran out to get, because she wantd a colorful funeral. Stephen made posters of pictures to display and the kids placed photos in frames around. The music in the back ground was of Louise's old funny 45's. You know, I never harmed an onion, or Mr. Custer, and some nice ones like Walking down to Washington. Kareen's Brian was up late getting that all put together.
Anyway, Louise is in the casket up front and there are plants lining both sides. There are chairs for people to sit, and some did, but most folks stood in the foyer to talk.

Those that came: Aunto Kiyoko, her son Tommy and his wife, her sons Jimmy (which we called Little Jimmy to differentiate from Big Jimmy which was my brother) her son Danny, and her daughter Kathy.
My cousin Marj, which we all call Marji Kay(Aunt Muriel and Uncle Lum)
My cousin Muriel , which we called Little Muriel to differentiate from Aunt Muriel, and her brother Brian (Aunt Nonnie and Uncle Roy)
Those are the ones from my generation. Then there's the next Generation.
Louise's husband Fred. Louise's kids : Debora was brought by some care-givers. Brenda and her husband David, their children and grandchildren. Kareen and her husband Brian, and their children. Alice was there, her husband could not make it. Stephen and his wife Judy, and their children. Mysti and her husband Adam, and their children. Velvet and her fiance' (whose name just suddenly went out of my mind) and their baby girl.
My sister Betty and her husband Pete's children : Betsy, Eileen, (Peter couldn't make it)
Margaret, (Kevin -deceased) Colleen, Cathy, Erin, Larry, (Theresa ould not cume, she was in Ann Arbor, Michigan for surgery and our thoughts and love were sent to her). Some of the spouses
were there and some of the children and grandchildren.
My brother Jim and his wife Kae.(that is where I stayed for this trip and we had a good time together)
Then there was extended families. David's folks and his sister came. Brian's folks came. Fred's brother came.
An old friend of the family came, who is also related by Colleen being their daughter-in-law.
With all those people milling in the lobby, if anyone else came I did not find it out or I do not remember it at this time.

On the day of the funeral, they had asked a minister to do the service. He was not familiar with the family or Louise, because she did not go to his church. But he did a real nice job and would say things like,"I have been told that .." or " They tell me.." He was the only one who spoke and he chose nice scriptures and said nice things. He was great.

Then theyput the cd back on with funny songs. Brenda had just thought to herself that the most fitting song would be Please MR Custer, I don't wanna go. And wouldn't you know it... that is where the cd picked up from the night before.

The Pall bearers were: my brother Jim, Brenda's husband David, their 2 boys, Kareen's husband Brian, And they had 2 more, which I can't remember either right now. Stephen said he just could not do it. He was broken up through most of the viewing and funeral.

The minister gave a prayer at the cemetary. Then everyone put a carnation on the casket and stood a liitle off as her children gathered around her as they lowered the casket in to the grave.
Then we left for lunch.

We all went for a meal together at the VFW lodge where Betsy works. Brenda and David
provided a lot of the food and the Murphy kids did a lot too. We visited and swapped stories, laughed and cried. It was a nice send off.

Her kids were trying to get a reunion together before she passed away, I told my brother that Louise didn't miss it, we just had it early. It was good to see old family members. Aunt Kiyoko cried when she saw my cousin Brian, and she said, "You have Uncle Wally's hair." Which was true. He looked like Aunt Nonnie and her brother Uncle Wally put together. It was good to see one another and renew old memories. Like they say, good to see you but sorry for the reason.

All things considered, a lot of issues were layed to rest with the funeral of Louise and now her children can move forward and we will try to think kind thoughts.

You Go Girl

Back in the war day, Uncle Wally came home with a Japanese bride and Uncle Bill came home with a Russian bride. Grandma was none too happy about this. After playing Musical houses for a while Grandma settled down to live with Uncle Wally and Aunt Kiyoko. She made daily life a little hard and so Aunt Kiyoko spent her days in the basement sewing wedding gowns and bride maids dresses for people (her home business) while Grandam took care of the children. This went on for many years. I guess I did not realize how tough Grandma was on the kids until we went to a reunion and heard the kids' stories. I never heard Aunt Kiyoko say anything negative about Grandma. Even at my older sisters funeral we came upon my mother's and Grandmother's gravestones. Aunt Kiyoko is the one who found them. I put a carnation on my mother's and Aunt Kiyoko put one on Grandma's. So there is the back ground and the set up.

At the funeral of another one of my sisters we had a luncheon afterward. We were sitting with Aunt Kiyoko and she was telling the story of how Tommy had joined the Jewish faith and got married to a Jewess. Tommy was raised in a house that did not promote church going because his mother was a Shinto and his dad a Christian and they told the kids that they could decide for themselves when they were grown. I guess it never occured to Uncle Wally that it would be Judaism. So it was very hard for him to swallow.

He did not even want to go the Tommy's wedding. Aunt Kiyoko bought him a tuxedo but he kept saying he was not going. Well the day of the wedding came and Aunt Kiyoko takes the tux to Uncle Wally and tells him to get ready. (now this in itself was a big deal to us who were sitting at the table listening, because Aunt Kiyoko is so mild mannered and soft spoken) She tells Uncle Wally that he is going. He says he is not. She tells him he is because he OWES her for Grandma.

In her words, "You don't do for them, you do for me. You OWE me for Grandma, You do for me."
Uncle Wally got dressed and went to the wedding. We at the table were now howling with laughter at this point. Then Aunt Kiyoko finally said, living with Grandma was not easy. We had all known this because of the things the kids had already told us, so we all nodded a knowing nod. And then we all told her how proud of her we all were. She did not want to make her daughter-in-law feel the way she felt all those years.

They have a tight-knit bond and often all her children get together. Uncle Wally has been gone a few years now. But he had needed that gentle reminder He would have done the same thing his mother did to his new bride, if it weren't for Aunt Kiyoko and her wisdom, and her strength.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day my hubby gave a talk in church. I told him he could say anything he wanted to about his dear mother but to not embarrass me. Well that is what he told the congregation to start his talk. Of course they all thought that was funny.

He told part of a conference talk about a church leader that sat with his children while his wife sang with the Singing Mothers in sacrament meeting. He said he had never been so busy in his life trying to keep the children quiet and happy. He saw his wife on the stand infront of him just smiling.

Hubby then spoke about his mother. For those of you who knew this women would agree that you can just not say enough good aboutl her. She was a wonderful woman. All her children agree. And all the in-laws agree too. As he spoke about her I teared up. He also teared up and needed to clear his throat from time to time.

Then he spoke a little about his wife. I found this very interesting and thought to myself "I would like to meet that lady". He said a bunch of nice things and I thought my 2 daughters would call time out and set the congregation straight on the mother they knew me to be. But they didn't. It is funny that I see all my faults so clearly and yet he, and hopefully the children, choose to see enough good things to out-way all the bad.

If I could be 1/10th the woman my mother-in-law was I would be a very happy woman.
Maybe some day I will grow up to be a little more like her. That is my goal.

Thanks to my spouse who is loving and kind, Thanks to my children who are loving and forgiving, Thanks to my Heaven Father who loves me and lets me repent and try again, and again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Know all-Tell all

When the kids were little and would tell things about us I always found them telling TOO many things. You know, like they say TMI. I then would tell them to tell what color underwear I was wearing. When they asked why, I answered "well you told them everything else".

Some things are to remain personal. I worry that people will stop talking for fear that they will find it repeated or blogged. There are certain things I do not discuss. And I know how to keep a secret. Like the time... oh wait, that is a secret.

So next time you are sitting infront of the blogsphere, ask yourself: Will I be embarrassing someone else by this blog? Yea, I guess that is about it. Let's not Tell all we Know.

Anger Mis-management

My grandchildren were at my house and I really let myself BLOW MY TOP.

Have you ever heard the sayings "I will beat you up one side and down the other" or "I will rip off your arm and beat you with the bloody stump" or " I will skin you alive" , etc.

Some I heard while growing up. others I have said. Not pretty, eh? Anger is NEVER pretty.

Well, sorry to say I got pretty ugly. Anger spewed from me like Mt St Helen or Persuvius.
Andrew got the brunt of it. He survived, and luckily does not bear a grudge. Caelin also saw the Wrath of Gram and bore it well.

I am ashamed of my anger and know that it is probably the biggest fault I have. I have other faults but my quick temper and hateful words are the worst. I feel sick inside and would just shudder if the Lord came and watched my behavior or heard my words. Now isn't that silly, He does hear and see all, so who am I trying to kid.

They say that acknowledgement is the first step. Not only acknowledgement but confession. So now I have opened this up to the world and will try to mend my erring ways. It may take a while. How about if I just hole up somewhere and wait for the grandchildren to grow up... Guess I better practice counting to Ten and visualize myself being calm. Keep your fingers crossed.

;abbreviations a go go

Before I got OOB I was SOB, I got an RT TX and then felt better. I used my FWW to get around. Then did my ADL's and was ready for the day. I ate 100% BRKFT and then went T x 1, and had a Med Soft. I took all my Q D meds. ASAP I called my SO for a chat. He told me his ETA. Then we discussed upcoming events such as the FHE on monday and the HBD party this sat. After the phone call I did my PT, OT, and before I knew it the time had slipped by and it was now HS so I went MOD I to bed.

I made a list of all the things this week I have to do so I would not miss anything. The kids have MIA, or as they say YM/YW. RS meets on tues. My SO has a PPI with the HPGL. I need to call to order cookies for the PTA mtg. We have a DA with the Elders. I want to program the VCR for a program I do not want to miss. I guess they call it a DVR nowadays.

This is getting longer than I thought so I will now cut to the chase as in RDCV.

So now depending on how much of that you understood you either are one of my children, work with me, or go to my church. I did this as a funny for Ruthykins. hahahaha

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I had a "Whoa" moment...

Back in March I injured my right arm. After chiropractic care, and specialist care my arm is finally on the mend. I have a pool in the back yard that has a Yurt around it so that the air and water are warm and I can do exercises in there. I do the exercises I was instructed to do and I always do feel better after the 45 minutes.

Yesterday I was resting in bed a while and thought that I would wake up in the afternoon to go exercise in the pool. Well, I woke up at 1:30 pm and thought "I am still sleepy and what would it matter if I skipped a day". Well all of a sudden the words to the Hymn "How Firm a Foundation" came to mind: 'I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand..." Whoa!!!! Can't get much clearer than that. I have prayed that my arm gets healed and I have had a blessing. I have the time and means to do the aquacizes... So I got out of bed to exercise, and yes I did feel better.

I am thankful for a Heavenly Father that cares about my everyday things that He would encourage me to get OOB and get with the program.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The man was almost late

On Sunday Hubby and I were driving to the Reno Airport. He was heading off to work. He had a bag of needed tools with him to fix buses in Utah. Well we no sooner were on the high way when we noticed a traffic jam. It was started at the hospital. 2 lanes were at a stand still. We talked about what other route we could take and how to get off the highway when Hubby starts to back up. He says there is not much traffic and that he will get off the previous ramp. Well... a plain car with a siren tells him to "Go forward". He says back that he will miss his flight. Again with the " Go Forward". So Hubby goes forward. Then he sees that he is far enough back from the cement dividers that he can go down around them and cross over to the other side. I was afraid he would get a ticket. But he didn't. The unmarked car had gone away. Yay. The we head toward Dayton to take the Virginia City route. Winding, Uphill road. Time is a factor because you have to check in your luggage 45 minutes before your flight or the bags don't go. So that means no tools. We had talked about that and decide that if he is too late that I will overnight the tools to him. Anyway, we made it to the airport and get him checked in Just in time. Whew! But not knowing how 395 will be on the way home, he advises me to take Virginia City back. It is no less winding or hilly. I made it safely home and then Hubby calls me with the details of the road closing. Then he emails it to me and I have posted it here. He says it will probably be a movie some day. Here is the tale:

Washoe County Sheriff's deputies are still investigating a homicide along HIghway 395 in Washoe Valley, that ended in a chase, and the arrest of the suspected killer.At about 12:35 p.m. today, a man shot another man in the northbound lanes in Washoe County, leaving the victim's body lying near the fence, according to Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Brooke Keast.A passerby on 395 stopped saw the body lying in the ditch, and stopped his vehicle. As he was trying to render aid, the shooter returned and shot the good Samaritan, police said.Washoe Sheriff's Deputy Brooke Keast said the Samaritan was able to give a description of the shooter's vehicle. He was transported to a Reno hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.Washoe Sheriff's Deputies, Carson City Sheriff's Deputies and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers located the suspect vehicle in the area of Franktown Road off Old 395 and gave chase. The suspect left his vehicle and fled on foot, discarding his clothes and large amounts of cash, according to police.A Washoe deputy and his K-9 located the suspect hidden in brush behind a home on Bellevue Drive.Traffic northbound at 395 is being diverted to East Lake Boulevard and was backed up for several hours all the way to Carson-Tahoe Regional Healthcare. Keast said the names of the suspect and two victims will likely not be released today. The suspect, however, is described as a Hispanic male from Carson City.Carson City investigators are assisting in the investigation and at 8 p.m. were awaiting a warrant to search a room at the Gold Dust West Casino on Highway 50 East. The connection to the room was not clear, but Sheriff Ken Furlong confirmed it is related to the Washoe Valley incident. Keast said Search and Rescue crews are combing the area for evidence. She said a weapon was found near the scene, but it has yet to be determined to be the murder weapon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Words of advice

We received the circle letter the other day and the following are a few words of advice from my hubby's brothers and sisters.

Don't criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes, then you will be a mile away and you will also have his shoes.

When you receive constructive criticism, or when bad things happen to good people: apply a Q-TIP (quit taking it personally)

I thought that was very good advice.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Reason I have a cell phone

The other day I received a call from my son who is in the army. His question was, "Did you ever watch Charlie's Angels?" I said that I did many years ago. He wanted to know the name of the middle man between the ladies and Charlie. I told him that the actor's name was David Doyle. He wanted to know the charactor's name, to which I answered, "Bosley". "Bosley", he echoed. That was it. He thanked me and told me he would talk to me later.

And that, my friends, is why I have a cell phone. Just so the kids can call me anytime for any reason. Sometimes they need to leave a voice message, and sometimes they need to give me some time to return a call. But I like it that we have a way to contact one another.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orange Irish

Okay, okay, okay, Here's the scoop...
Orange Irish is from Northern Ireland and Green Irish from Southern Ireland. The Orange is Protestant and the Green Catholic. William III (William of Orange) King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Stadtholder of the Netherlands- Victorious in the early 1690's, especially the Battle of the Boyne, near Dublin. He defeated King James II, a Roman Catholic.

Protestant churches consolidated against the Catholic Church. The Orange order was founded after the Battle of the Diamond between the Catholic Defenders and the Protestant Peep O'Day Boys. The 3 main founders were James Wilson, Daniel Winter, James Sloan.

The Orange Order had a central place in the new state of Notheren Ireland. It acted as a basis for the unity of the Protestants of all classes. The English (mainly Anglicans) and the Scots (most Presbyterians. Sometimes called Orangemen.

The National Flag of the Republic of Ireland has 3 stripes: Orange for the Irish Protestants, Green for the Irish Catholic Nationalists (republican cause), and White representiing the hope for peace between them.

The Anniversary of the Battle of Boyne is celebrated each July 12th., every though it isn't a Public Holiday as such.

We have both Green and Orange Irish Ancestors.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's day

Top o' the morning to you. And to all an Irish Wish. May the wind always be at your back. May the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand. And may you be in Heaven 10 minutes before the devil knows you're dead.

I was raised with the Cry of the Banshee, the blarney stone, an Irish Lullaby, and a few other Irish things. We ate potatoes as if they were a staple. Mother made cornbeef and cabbage. I thought every household had those things. I did not know they were part of my heritage.

Today I love to listen to Celtic music. Luckily my hubby likes it too. I like to say I get my dander up because I am Irish and I really looked the part when I had auburn hair. I am happy to be known as Irish, even though I am a Heinz 57. ( made up of a lot of cultures) Maybe some day I will be able to go to Ireland and feel like I am comin' home.

A wink to all my ancestors. A nod to all my descendants. And a pinch to anyone not wearing green today. (or orange if you are Orange Irish)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


When my children were little they were quite the handful. Not really naughty, but kept me on my toes. The oldest was in afternoon Kindergarten and the others were home all day. One day it was like the straw that broke the camel's back...I sat down and wrote the following poem. I just thought I would add it to my blog today.


Children are a nuisance, a bother, and a drag.
When trying to get them to behave Mother turns into a nag.
She screams and hollers at them and sends them off to bed.
And then when they're off to sleep she pats them on the the head.
She thinks of how sweet they look. How soon they won't be small.
And then she's sorry she got mad and carried on and all.
Mother vows to do better, to try anew tomorrow.
But next day comes and brand new troubles add to Mother's sorrow.
Ruth is out of diapers, because she wets them all the time.
Enos spread the floor with salt, I guess to make it shine.
Sarah's eaten the chapstick. Samuel's cut his head.
Rachel wet the bed again after all that Mother's said.
Emma cried and pouted when she had to eat her corn.
Naomi had her school clothes on and now her pants are torn.
Mother found one more diaper, now Ruth is happy and asleep.
Then Mother went with Enos to see how much there was to sweep.
Mother cleans off Sarah's face, patches Samuel's head.
Rachel's dry and happy, and helps Mother change the bed.
Emma ate all her food and is down and off to play.
Naomi found some other clothes and is off to school today.
Mother wonders how on earth she'll last until they're grown
and off to raise a family of little ones of their own.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Vacation

We started off our trip by going to Utah for daughter number 1's son's baptism. We checked into the motel on friday and then visited number 2 daughter. On saturday we went to said grandson's baptism. It was very nice. His dad baptized him and confirmed him while Grandad stood in the circle with him along with some friends of their family. Then we had a nice luncheon. At this point I refer you to Puphi's blog.

Now I must tell you that it was MY vacation to Hawaii while my hubby was there WORKING. Too bad for him. We got there on a Sunday afternoon, checked into the motel. We walked the streets to find a restaurant to eat. This was by Waikiki Beach. We ate at a Chinese restaurant and had a really nice meal. Some things were new to us, but they were very good.

On monday hubby and I went to eat breakfast. Then he had to go to work, and it would be a long day since they had a dinner at night. I went to the international market and window shopped for a while. I bought food to eat and then went back to the motel to rest and watch tv. I played solitaire and just rested. I sat out on the terrace and wrote a letter and watched people. Then off again to shop and eat supper. Hubby came back and brought a Lei with him. It was very pretty.

On tuesday we ate breakfast and then he was off again. I rode the shuttle bus to the shopping mall. Big stores that I never shop at in Reno, I window shopped. Then I ate at the food court and rode the shuttle back to the motel. Hubby came early from work and we drove to several beach fronts. A lady at work wanted some sand and a few shells, so we picked up a few. Then we went to eat.

On wednesday hubby went to work and I shopped for real this time. I bought each of the children and grandchildren a little sumpin sumpin. Then I packed for my next trip. Hubby came back and we went out to dinner. Chinese, if you are interested. Then Hubby dropped me off at the airport. I took an overnight flight to Utah. I visited number 2 daughter and helped her with some rearranging of her house. I helped here and there for a few days. Then on Sunday I was off to home again. It was Stake Conference and I made it there just in time. Then I ate lunch with daughter number 3's family. Then I visited daughter number 5. Then I came home to rest.

I just enjoyed doing something different. It was just nice to spend evenings with hubby. I usually don't see him so much. I look forward to the next vacation. I'll go back to work tomorrow and I guess I look forward to that too.

So there it is in a nutshell.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Holidays

I love holidays. It doesn't matter which ones. I like them all. I even like just talking about them.

In January we start out with New Years. I like to party and on the chance I have to work my spouse brings a treat to work and we kiss the new year in. Nice, isn't he?
Then you have national pie day in January. That calls for a party right there.

February has Ground Hog day. That is when Phil comes out and if he sees his shadow and goes back in to his house we have 6 more weeks of winter, otherwise we only have a month and a half.
And then we have St. Valentine's Day. Candy and cards and maybe a dinner or a dance, or both.

March is my anniversary month, so that is always special.
And don't forget St. Patrick's day. I am both orange and green Irish, so we don the proper clothing, talk a lot of blarny and get a kiss.

April is April Fool's day when pranks are played and enjoyed.
April is also my birthday month, so I celebrate at the beginning of the month and at the end.

May has Mayday. It is not celebrated as much as the other holidays.
But Mother's Day is the key here. Phone calls, cards, happy wishes, flowers, all are accepted.

June has flay day when we wear red, white, and blue and those who have flags display them.
On Father's Day we give cards and make pies. All is good

July starts out with the 4th celebration. We picnic and watch fireworks.
July is also for St. Swithens' Day. I expect a present but never get one.
July is also Pioneer Day. Many folks celebrate this. We watch the celebration on the BYU station.
Some have picnics and dress like pioneers.

August doesn't really have a holiday but many people go on vacation or have reunions, or both.

September is Back to School month. Parties are in order.

October is Halloween. We dress up and go trick or treating and have parties. In Nevada we also celebrate our statehood. Nevada Day Parade and picnics.

November has Thanksgiving. Sounds like a feast day. We have Turkey with all the trimmings. Eat ourselves silly.

December is Christmas time. Carols, Trim the tree, family celebration. We have several Christmas gatherings throughout the month due to the children living all over the place.

I have a son that celebrates Liver Day. And if we find out about other special days we try to mention them to each other.

So that wraps up the year. I think I like holidays because they make people smile and feel good. Memories are made and folks are a little nicer perhaps.

Do you have a favorite holiday? Or do you celebrate in a special way? Drop a note.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Old

What does it mean to get older? Beats me, because you see, I am still young. I find myself still liking the bubble gum music I listened to as a teen-ager. I like the hairstyles of my era. I like the foods I liked as a teen and the old hangouts. I like the phrases and jargon.

It is quite the eye opener when I look at a picture of me back then and then look at a current photo. I have changed quite a bit. Older, fatter, more decrepid. Yet from where I stand, looking from the same eyes I had back then, sorta in my minds' eye, I am young and fit and not bad looking.

I hate to admit that I am getting older. I want to be young. Not that I want to go back in time or anything. I just want the right to think young. To like the things of yester-year. To think that I am fun-loving and cool.

So to that I will say " Hey Man, what's happening?" And answer myself with a "De Nada".
And a "In the groove, Man, In the groove".


Monday, January 5, 2009

rambunxios children

I think we have a lot of energetic grandchildren. They have great imaginations and this is also what causes a lot of frustration for their parents. We have little children who sing at the top of their lungs, children who throw blocks all over and then won't pick them up, we have children who pilfer candy, children who run and jump and climb, children who throw things in the house, and even children who fight and hit one another.

As they get older they learn to pick things up and to sit quietly, to not call each other names, to not run and jump and climb in the house, not to take things that do not belong to them, and to not hit one another.

They all will grow up and become productive adults. How do I know that? Well their parents ( my children ) were just like them and they grew up pretty nice. I laugh at the funny things they do and I am glad they get along and care about one another. The grandchildren will do th e same thing. I will delight in watching them grow up.

So to that end I will say to all my rambunxious grandchildren, "Quit throwing blocks, Don't run in the house, Pick up those clothes, Don't look at your brother, .... and remember that your parents once were children long ago." That is how they know all your tricks, because they used to do the same things. And you thought they had eyes in the back of their heads or were smart or something. HA!!!!