Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teach, Testify, Touch lives

We went to a training meeting and Bro. Leatham talked about teaching, testifying, and touching lives of those we teach. What an interesting thought. Sometimes when we teach we know that we are just imparting knowledge. Some times we know that the students or converts, etc are ready to hear our testimony. And then there are times when we actually touch the lives of others and feel we are doing Christ's service.

It is that way in our families as well. We want to teach, testify, and touch the lives of our children and grandchildren. I am hoping I do that. I want to spare them trouble and anguish. I want to keep them from making the same mistakes I did.

So listen to the spirit and follow the promptings. And remember that you too are an example to others.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mommy's Day Off

Mommies are jacks of all trades: Secretary, Laundress, Forman, Chef, House Keeper, Nurse, Accountant, Teacher, Librarian, etc. Mommies work long hours. And they are on-call 24/7. The pay is minimal and the recognition and advancement are non-existant. Mommies must work even when they are sick, they can't call off work a day. The children still need to be fed, clothed, and sent to school. The baby still needs to be changed, fed, and rocked to sleep.
So just when IS Mommy's day off? When does Mommy get to play hooky or take a day to herself? When does Mommy get to play and not be on-call for the family's needs?
I remember when I felt I wasn't appreciated or being helped enough and I went on strike for a weekend. The children were always tired of me being after them to do things around the house and I was getting tired of telling them to do things. So I took time off. Mind you I did not have little bitty children and there was no school on my strike. There was food in the house and if they wanted something extra they could go to the store.
I just got my own food and took care of my own things and watched tv. Kinda like a mini-vacation. I found out that my children did not like it a whole lot. And maybe they did move a little faster and more willingly when I was off strike and asked them to do things around the house.
I am not advocating to strike against your family... I am just saying, "Take a little time for yourselves. You cannot give from an empty well."
Be nice to yourself today and take 15 minutes just for yourself. Every 4 hours you should take a 20 minute break. Every 6 hours you should take a half an hour for yourself. There is no union but there is a sisterhood and we do need to encourage each other. Even Ferris Beuller got a day off.

Friday, January 8, 2010


In Relief Society we learned about being SMART when making new year resolutions. My youngest said that SMART meant Spiritual Men Are Rare Treasures. And even though I agree with that I will tell you what the teacher said.
Specific- be specific in making your goal
Measurable- Make it a measurable goal so you can keep track.
Achievable- Make it an achievable goal. One that CAN be obtained.
Relevant- See that it is relevent to you and your situation so that you will want to keep it.
Timely- Set a time frame for the accomplishment, a time limit in which to achieve your goal. See that it is timely in your life.
So there you have it. Be SMART with your resolutions.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thank you for being an American

My army son came to visit us for the holidays. He flew a flew different airlines to get here. On the way Delta gave him a first class seat for being a soldier. On another airline a passenger in first class volunteered his seat to my soldier. Those around him emcouraged him to take it, and I could sense that they also felt the pride in our nation. Bless that man for his selfless gesture. On the flight home my son was also given first class by the airline.

What moved me was the care that they gave him, almost an honor, or a thankyou for his service. Here were other people showing care for our son that we love so dear.

Thank you all for the flags you fly, for the flag pins you wear on your lapel, for the hand over your heart when you sing the national anthem, or stand when you see that flag go by you in a parade.
Thank you for being an American and not being afraid to show it.