Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orange Irish

Okay, okay, okay, Here's the scoop...
Orange Irish is from Northern Ireland and Green Irish from Southern Ireland. The Orange is Protestant and the Green Catholic. William III (William of Orange) King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Stadtholder of the Netherlands- Victorious in the early 1690's, especially the Battle of the Boyne, near Dublin. He defeated King James II, a Roman Catholic.

Protestant churches consolidated against the Catholic Church. The Orange order was founded after the Battle of the Diamond between the Catholic Defenders and the Protestant Peep O'Day Boys. The 3 main founders were James Wilson, Daniel Winter, James Sloan.

The Orange Order had a central place in the new state of Notheren Ireland. It acted as a basis for the unity of the Protestants of all classes. The English (mainly Anglicans) and the Scots (most Presbyterians. Sometimes called Orangemen.

The National Flag of the Republic of Ireland has 3 stripes: Orange for the Irish Protestants, Green for the Irish Catholic Nationalists (republican cause), and White representiing the hope for peace between them.

The Anniversary of the Battle of Boyne is celebrated each July 12th., every though it isn't a Public Holiday as such.

We have both Green and Orange Irish Ancestors.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's day

Top o' the morning to you. And to all an Irish Wish. May the wind always be at your back. May the Lord hold you in the hollow of His hand. And may you be in Heaven 10 minutes before the devil knows you're dead.

I was raised with the Cry of the Banshee, the blarney stone, an Irish Lullaby, and a few other Irish things. We ate potatoes as if they were a staple. Mother made cornbeef and cabbage. I thought every household had those things. I did not know they were part of my heritage.

Today I love to listen to Celtic music. Luckily my hubby likes it too. I like to say I get my dander up because I am Irish and I really looked the part when I had auburn hair. I am happy to be known as Irish, even though I am a Heinz 57. ( made up of a lot of cultures) Maybe some day I will be able to go to Ireland and feel like I am comin' home.

A wink to all my ancestors. A nod to all my descendants. And a pinch to anyone not wearing green today. (or orange if you are Orange Irish)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


When my children were little they were quite the handful. Not really naughty, but kept me on my toes. The oldest was in afternoon Kindergarten and the others were home all day. One day it was like the straw that broke the camel's back...I sat down and wrote the following poem. I just thought I would add it to my blog today.


Children are a nuisance, a bother, and a drag.
When trying to get them to behave Mother turns into a nag.
She screams and hollers at them and sends them off to bed.
And then when they're off to sleep she pats them on the the head.
She thinks of how sweet they look. How soon they won't be small.
And then she's sorry she got mad and carried on and all.
Mother vows to do better, to try anew tomorrow.
But next day comes and brand new troubles add to Mother's sorrow.
Ruth is out of diapers, because she wets them all the time.
Enos spread the floor with salt, I guess to make it shine.
Sarah's eaten the chapstick. Samuel's cut his head.
Rachel wet the bed again after all that Mother's said.
Emma cried and pouted when she had to eat her corn.
Naomi had her school clothes on and now her pants are torn.
Mother found one more diaper, now Ruth is happy and asleep.
Then Mother went with Enos to see how much there was to sweep.
Mother cleans off Sarah's face, patches Samuel's head.
Rachel's dry and happy, and helps Mother change the bed.
Emma ate all her food and is down and off to play.
Naomi found some other clothes and is off to school today.
Mother wonders how on earth she'll last until they're grown
and off to raise a family of little ones of their own.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Vacation

We started off our trip by going to Utah for daughter number 1's son's baptism. We checked into the motel on friday and then visited number 2 daughter. On saturday we went to said grandson's baptism. It was very nice. His dad baptized him and confirmed him while Grandad stood in the circle with him along with some friends of their family. Then we had a nice luncheon. At this point I refer you to Puphi's blog.

Now I must tell you that it was MY vacation to Hawaii while my hubby was there WORKING. Too bad for him. We got there on a Sunday afternoon, checked into the motel. We walked the streets to find a restaurant to eat. This was by Waikiki Beach. We ate at a Chinese restaurant and had a really nice meal. Some things were new to us, but they were very good.

On monday hubby and I went to eat breakfast. Then he had to go to work, and it would be a long day since they had a dinner at night. I went to the international market and window shopped for a while. I bought food to eat and then went back to the motel to rest and watch tv. I played solitaire and just rested. I sat out on the terrace and wrote a letter and watched people. Then off again to shop and eat supper. Hubby came back and brought a Lei with him. It was very pretty.

On tuesday we ate breakfast and then he was off again. I rode the shuttle bus to the shopping mall. Big stores that I never shop at in Reno, I window shopped. Then I ate at the food court and rode the shuttle back to the motel. Hubby came early from work and we drove to several beach fronts. A lady at work wanted some sand and a few shells, so we picked up a few. Then we went to eat.

On wednesday hubby went to work and I shopped for real this time. I bought each of the children and grandchildren a little sumpin sumpin. Then I packed for my next trip. Hubby came back and we went out to dinner. Chinese, if you are interested. Then Hubby dropped me off at the airport. I took an overnight flight to Utah. I visited number 2 daughter and helped her with some rearranging of her house. I helped here and there for a few days. Then on Sunday I was off to home again. It was Stake Conference and I made it there just in time. Then I ate lunch with daughter number 3's family. Then I visited daughter number 5. Then I came home to rest.

I just enjoyed doing something different. It was just nice to spend evenings with hubby. I usually don't see him so much. I look forward to the next vacation. I'll go back to work tomorrow and I guess I look forward to that too.

So there it is in a nutshell.