Saturday, March 27, 2010

You want fries with that?

Little granddaughter was over and she was pretending to be a waitress. She brought her pencil and pad of paper over and asked what I wanted. I told her a hamburger, She said "we're out of that" so I said "chicken" and she scribbled it down. Now since she is only 3 it really was a scribble. Then she asked what else I wanted. I answered "french fries". She echoed "fries" as she scribbled that down. Then she asked what else I wanted. I answered "chocolate mild shake". She scribbled that down. Then she asked what her dolly, which was sitting beside me wanted. I told her "a chocolate milkshake". She echoed " a small chocolate milk shake". Now I had to smile because she processed that since her dolly was small she gets a small shake.
Then she went over by the couch and held out her hands for the order and said "thank you" and brought me my imaginary order.
Then she went over to her mom and asked what she wanted. Her mom started to say what she wanted but then the grand daughter says "we're out of that". Then the mom asks "what do you have?" The grand daighter says she has chicken and the mommy answers that she will take that and the other things she will have. Then the grand daughter walks over to the couch to retreive the order and the mom says "oh, that must be the kitchen". I answered, "yeah, what do you think? these things just appear out of thin air?" We laughed at that. Grand daughter will make a good waitress some day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We laughed and laughed

So I came home this morning and the man randomly says, " either someone has been eating chocolate on my side of the bed or I poopied my pants in my sleep." I snorted and chortled and almost could not catch my breath. He laughed and I said that will be my next blog, so here it is.
While he was gone I ate a few chocolate chips in the bed and a couple must have gotten away from me. Sorry about that. If his jammies were stained it was from the outside, not the inside. I though Sweet Sassy Molassy would like to know that.

Monday, March 15, 2010

To Dye or Not to Dye

So the question was whether to be nostalgic and go red again or stay mousy brown with gray. Well it is short enough and will continue to be short, so go ahead and have fun was the answer. My youngest colored my hair the color it was since I was 16, and before I went Natural. It looks good and unless you think about it the color doesn't pop out at you. It almost looks natural. I guess I wear it well. If I can figure out how this machine works I may add a photo. If not, oh well. I might just send a photo to the children. Anyhoo. I will enjoy it while it lasts. I don't want to be an 80 y.o. still coloring my hair. I want to enjoy growing older and looking the part.