Saturday, February 20, 2010


"There was a time....or once upon a time....this one time...." I am sure you have said something similar to this or maybe even these words. So what is time anyway? It is a measurable thing. I can see it on the clock and on the calendar. I can measure time used wisely and time wasted. I am surprised by hours I can waste by watching movies on tv or dvd, and how fast it flies when I am in the middle of a project.
I have stayed up all night doing sewing or painting projects. I have forgotten time when engrosses in doing things. And I have discovered that I couple time with tasks. I know that I am task oriented and like to accomplish things in a timely manner. I do this at work. I have medicine to give patients before they go to sleep and I know that I should be done with those medicines and treatments by 10:30pm at the latest. Anything later than that and I feel that I am interrupting their sleep time. When I have been delayed or interrupted in my work and it is after 10:30 then I know the rest of the night I will be behind and try to play "catch up".
At home I look at the big mess ahead of me and that is when this coupling of time and task come in handy. I say to myself "cleaning the kitchen will only take a half an hour and then it will be done". So I do the kitchen and it only takes 20 minutes because I have a dish washer and only have to do the big items by hand. Then I say " the bathroom will only take me 20 minutes", which really only takes 15 and then I am off to other rooms. See what I mean? I break each task down to the time in which I think I accomplish it. If I look at the overall picture of the mess I get overwhelmed and don't do anything. I can get it done faster if I play music. A good fast beat helps me to forget the task and hum or sing along. I like 40's and 50's music the best for this.
One thing I must mention is that I can clean it up faster by myself. If you have the children helping it will slow you down, but it is good for them to learn to clean, so add extra minutes to your alotted time.
Time will and does go by... so use it to your best advantage. In time all good things will come to pass. Time will tell. Time after time I have regretted not using my time wisely. And right now it is time I get moving and clean the house. Thank you for your time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How To Totally Gross Out The Children

I am going to tell you all about my love life.
I have a lover that is so totally wonderful. When he holds my hand, he holds my heart. I melt when he sits next to me and lets me cuddle up and just be there in the moment. Or when I warm my cold feet against his in bed. He also sacrifices his time, talent, and energy in doing things for me. He does things around the house, he builds things, he never raises his voice in a cross word to me, he watches chick flicks with me, and even will take me dancing sometimes. I guess you say I am Wild about him.
Is he perfect? No, I can't say that he is. Does he expect me to be perfect? I hope not, because I am far from it.
We have a mutual respect and love for each other which is hard to explain. Infact I cannot really figure it out. I am not easy to live with. Those who know me are also probably surprised that I have such a nice fella in my life.
I could go on and into great detail of all that I love about him, but that would really gross out the children. So suffice it to say that I have a great man in my life and he is wonderful in all respects.
He is one in a million and I am grateful that I am the one that he is with. Thank you so much and I will miss you while you are gone and will count the days until your return.