Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Holidays

I love holidays. It doesn't matter which ones. I like them all. I even like just talking about them.

In January we start out with New Years. I like to party and on the chance I have to work my spouse brings a treat to work and we kiss the new year in. Nice, isn't he?
Then you have national pie day in January. That calls for a party right there.

February has Ground Hog day. That is when Phil comes out and if he sees his shadow and goes back in to his house we have 6 more weeks of winter, otherwise we only have a month and a half.
And then we have St. Valentine's Day. Candy and cards and maybe a dinner or a dance, or both.

March is my anniversary month, so that is always special.
And don't forget St. Patrick's day. I am both orange and green Irish, so we don the proper clothing, talk a lot of blarny and get a kiss.

April is April Fool's day when pranks are played and enjoyed.
April is also my birthday month, so I celebrate at the beginning of the month and at the end.

May has Mayday. It is not celebrated as much as the other holidays.
But Mother's Day is the key here. Phone calls, cards, happy wishes, flowers, all are accepted.

June has flay day when we wear red, white, and blue and those who have flags display them.
On Father's Day we give cards and make pies. All is good

July starts out with the 4th celebration. We picnic and watch fireworks.
July is also for St. Swithens' Day. I expect a present but never get one.
July is also Pioneer Day. Many folks celebrate this. We watch the celebration on the BYU station.
Some have picnics and dress like pioneers.

August doesn't really have a holiday but many people go on vacation or have reunions, or both.

September is Back to School month. Parties are in order.

October is Halloween. We dress up and go trick or treating and have parties. In Nevada we also celebrate our statehood. Nevada Day Parade and picnics.

November has Thanksgiving. Sounds like a feast day. We have Turkey with all the trimmings. Eat ourselves silly.

December is Christmas time. Carols, Trim the tree, family celebration. We have several Christmas gatherings throughout the month due to the children living all over the place.

I have a son that celebrates Liver Day. And if we find out about other special days we try to mention them to each other.

So that wraps up the year. I think I like holidays because they make people smile and feel good. Memories are made and folks are a little nicer perhaps.

Do you have a favorite holiday? Or do you celebrate in a special way? Drop a note.