Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

The other night while lying in bed, ready to settle in for the night, my husband said something funny. What made it funnier is that it was perfect timing. And to top it off, one does not expect to hear such funny things come from him. He has a dry wit. Most people don't expect him to be funny. He just cracks me up. So I laughed out loud and then the more I thought of it, I laughed again. Then he laughed at how he had "gotten" me. So we laughed and laughed and it was such a choice moment. I love to laugh and I love to laugh with him. I guess it would not be appropriate for him to put Ha Ha on my tombstone though, would it?
I love how the children have weird senses of humor. Finding humor a comfort at times. I guess one could say "the joke is on me" and I would love that. I love to see them smile and hear them laugh, I love to see them make fun of themselves to get others to laugh. I love how they run with a gag and go the distance. Makes me smile and feel happy just to type all this.
Now go have a smile on me. Free of charge.