Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm trying to get into a size 2

I watched a tv movie the other day and a couple was on a date. The man asked the woman if she was going to eat (something good) and she answered, "No, I am trying to get back into a size 2."
I wanted to smack the tv. Size 2, Huh!

REAL women are not a size 2. REAL women have curves and "pillows" for little ones' heads. REAL women are sturdy. I don't even think I know any size 2 women.

I told someone recently that I do not think Heavenly Father wants his daughters to be SEXY...I think He would say that He wants us to be lovely, beautiful, strong, healthy, etc.

So to all you REAL women out there...Love the skin you're in. Even though it may be a little more than a size 2.