Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Old

What does it mean to get older? Beats me, because you see, I am still young. I find myself still liking the bubble gum music I listened to as a teen-ager. I like the hairstyles of my era. I like the foods I liked as a teen and the old hangouts. I like the phrases and jargon.

It is quite the eye opener when I look at a picture of me back then and then look at a current photo. I have changed quite a bit. Older, fatter, more decrepid. Yet from where I stand, looking from the same eyes I had back then, sorta in my minds' eye, I am young and fit and not bad looking.

I hate to admit that I am getting older. I want to be young. Not that I want to go back in time or anything. I just want the right to think young. To like the things of yester-year. To think that I am fun-loving and cool.

So to that I will say " Hey Man, what's happening?" And answer myself with a "De Nada".
And a "In the groove, Man, In the groove".


Monday, January 5, 2009

rambunxios children

I think we have a lot of energetic grandchildren. They have great imaginations and this is also what causes a lot of frustration for their parents. We have little children who sing at the top of their lungs, children who throw blocks all over and then won't pick them up, we have children who pilfer candy, children who run and jump and climb, children who throw things in the house, and even children who fight and hit one another.

As they get older they learn to pick things up and to sit quietly, to not call each other names, to not run and jump and climb in the house, not to take things that do not belong to them, and to not hit one another.

They all will grow up and become productive adults. How do I know that? Well their parents ( my children ) were just like them and they grew up pretty nice. I laugh at the funny things they do and I am glad they get along and care about one another. The grandchildren will do th e same thing. I will delight in watching them grow up.

So to that end I will say to all my rambunxious grandchildren, "Quit throwing blocks, Don't run in the house, Pick up those clothes, Don't look at your brother, .... and remember that your parents once were children long ago." That is how they know all your tricks, because they used to do the same things. And you thought they had eyes in the back of their heads or were smart or something. HA!!!!