Tuesday, August 18, 2009

scavenger-type hunt

Last sunday our High Counselor gave a talk that his daughter went with her YW group for a scavenger hunt, with a twist.

The girls were divided up and each group was given a pencil and a pass-a-long card. They were instructed to Trade Up at each house and leave a card. Well they explained what they were doing at each house and started trading up. A pencil for an apple, and apple for book, etc. They finally were out of cards and it was time to go back to the church. Then the girls were impressed to go to one more house. They went back to the church to get one more card and told them they would be right back. They went to the house of a man who was from South America. He brought a beaded bag for them to trade up and he told them that it meant a great deal to him. Then he said that he noticed from the card that they were members of the LDS church. They answered yes and he said he was too but he lost contact with the church for 18 years. The girls were glad that they followed their impression and were glad to be an instrument in the Lord's hand.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


On saturday I was out in my pool Aquasizing. I was all finished and was just swimming about when I thought about getting one of the kid's ring to float on. Just a few weeks ago Rachel had tried to float on the kid's ring and flipped over. I thought to myself "she must not have centered herself right". So I thought I would try to get right in the middle and relax. Well, I tried it and immediately flipped over. Great..... Well maybe I wasn't quite centered. I will try it again. Splash! nope that did not work either. Guess I need a jumbo giant ring. I was so glad no one was there to see me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Plum Full

We have a tree at the side of our house that went Crazy this year. It was so full of plums that it broke 3 branches because of the weight. Well on friday we picked plums. We have a LOT. We will share them, eat them, and if Rachel wants to make plum pudding we will encourage her. So now we can say the tree was Plum Full and we were Plum Tired from the picking and cleaning.

I know you are all drooling now and I really feel bad about that. So bad that I will probably eat a plum or 2 in your honor. (they are small but good)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Salsa won 2nd place.

So for the salsa contest, I won 2nd place. The first prize winner and his wife were having their own competition, then the recipe we made was our first endeavor so we were pleased, and the 3rd place winner admitted he went to a local restaurant and got a jar of his favorite... cheater!

A big shout out to the originator of my prize winning salsa. Thanks again.


Posted by PicasaAs you can see, this year we dressed in Country Clothes since hubby was a farm boy. We enjoyed ourselves and really liked having the children here. We feel our age and are glad we can keep up a little. Napping here and there as able. Thank you all who could make it and make this reunion a wonderful one. See you all together in 2 years. Love, MOM