Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holidays?

Well, Christmas has passed and the New Year is upon us. We had our Christmas early, beginning at Thanksgiving.

We had Christmas at our house with the Smith and Coltrin families. After a wonderful meal we all gathered in the living room. We started with the youngest to open presents, continuing to the oldest, which is my hubby. We got to see all the nice things everyone received. We visited a little bit and ate candy and cookies. Then it was time to call it to an end, due to the fact that I had to take a nap to go to work that night.

Then on friday we were off to Chicago O'Hare airport. We stayed the night in Chicago and the next morning we walked to the train station, suitcases in hand. We road the train to South Bend Airport/ Train terminal, rented a car and began the shopping. We bought presents and food stuffs for celebrating with the Bullocks. Dougan had just come home from the hospital (he spent 3-4 weeks in the hospital due to injury-infection) and we gathered at their home to eat and open presents. We again started with the youngest and went to the oldest. We all received nice things.

We stayed the night in Elkhart and went to church in Niles, Michigan with the Bullocks. Sunday afternoon we visited with hubby's brothers and sisters. We ate another wonderful meal followed by candy and such. We visited and laughed a lot.

We again stayed the night in Elkhart and spent the day visiting the Bullocks. Then in the evening we visited with Samuel. Jenny was not at home, but we got to talk to her on the phone. We visited Samuel for a little bit and then off to the motel.

On Tuesday we drove to the South Bend airport, turned in the rental car and flew to Tennessee. We visited a little with the Millers and then slept at a motel. The next day we visited my sister, her husband, and my brother at my sister's house. Her grand-daughter came with her two girls. The Millers also came and we had some good food and visiting.

On Thursday we got up and went shopping for presents and food. We had Christmas with the Millers. It was towards the evening as we had to work around school children and a teen-ager's work schedule. We ate and received nice things.

Then a quick sleep at the motel. On Friday we flew to Utah for Christmas with the Phillips and the Panti's. We went out to eat on friday night with Big D, Number 1 & number 2 daughters at a Thai restaurant. Good food. Then we visited a little back at the Panti's.

On Saturday we shopped for gifts and food. Then we gathered at the Pant's and ate and opened presents beginning with the youngest. We all received nice things, except for one that got a lame present, but then again... we just met him. (maybe if he is around next year) Anyway, we played games and visited.

Then we drove to a motel close to the Phillips'. We went to church with them. Ate another good meal and visited. We played games and then it was time to go. We needed to drop something off at the Panti's and she asked if we had time for a quick game. We played a couple of games, visited while we were playing and then retired to the motel to sleep.

On Monday we flew to Nevada, unloaded the car, and tried to unwind. Life would start as usual again on Tuesday.

Now that brings me to the next holiday which is New Year's Eve. Sorry to say I must work again. We cannot move the celebration around like we did for Christmas because it happens at a specific time. So Hubby says he will come and see the new year in with me at work. He will bring a little something to eat, see the New Year in with me, and then go back home to sleep. I guess that will have to suffice. Maybe next year we can PARTY. But this year will be a quiet one.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Hopeful New Year.