Monday, September 28, 2009

North, to Alaska

I just got back from taking Hubby to airport. He is off to Alaska this week. After that he will go on a trip to Belgium. Chocolates......
I am always glad when he returns from his trips and try to keep the home fires burning. I think it is nice that he knows where I am and what I am doing. Which is usually nothing much. Work, eat, sleep, watch tv.
Mondays are Ruth's laundry day. Plus today she will make applesauce at my house. So it should smell really good. Then the rest of the week I work. Boring, I know.
Not much else happening. We try to have a date outing when he is home. Sometimes it is just going to the store together. But then, remember we are old people so it is okay.
He usually brings home pictures of interesting things. And he will tell a funny or interesting story.
He works hard and I appreciate him. Can't wait to see him again. Till Friday!