Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day my hubby gave a talk in church. I told him he could say anything he wanted to about his dear mother but to not embarrass me. Well that is what he told the congregation to start his talk. Of course they all thought that was funny.

He told part of a conference talk about a church leader that sat with his children while his wife sang with the Singing Mothers in sacrament meeting. He said he had never been so busy in his life trying to keep the children quiet and happy. He saw his wife on the stand infront of him just smiling.

Hubby then spoke about his mother. For those of you who knew this women would agree that you can just not say enough good aboutl her. She was a wonderful woman. All her children agree. And all the in-laws agree too. As he spoke about her I teared up. He also teared up and needed to clear his throat from time to time.

Then he spoke a little about his wife. I found this very interesting and thought to myself "I would like to meet that lady". He said a bunch of nice things and I thought my 2 daughters would call time out and set the congregation straight on the mother they knew me to be. But they didn't. It is funny that I see all my faults so clearly and yet he, and hopefully the children, choose to see enough good things to out-way all the bad.

If I could be 1/10th the woman my mother-in-law was I would be a very happy woman.
Maybe some day I will grow up to be a little more like her. That is my goal.

Thanks to my spouse who is loving and kind, Thanks to my children who are loving and forgiving, Thanks to my Heaven Father who loves me and lets me repent and try again, and again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Know all-Tell all

When the kids were little and would tell things about us I always found them telling TOO many things. You know, like they say TMI. I then would tell them to tell what color underwear I was wearing. When they asked why, I answered "well you told them everything else".

Some things are to remain personal. I worry that people will stop talking for fear that they will find it repeated or blogged. There are certain things I do not discuss. And I know how to keep a secret. Like the time... oh wait, that is a secret.

So next time you are sitting infront of the blogsphere, ask yourself: Will I be embarrassing someone else by this blog? Yea, I guess that is about it. Let's not Tell all we Know.

Anger Mis-management

My grandchildren were at my house and I really let myself BLOW MY TOP.

Have you ever heard the sayings "I will beat you up one side and down the other" or "I will rip off your arm and beat you with the bloody stump" or " I will skin you alive" , etc.

Some I heard while growing up. others I have said. Not pretty, eh? Anger is NEVER pretty.

Well, sorry to say I got pretty ugly. Anger spewed from me like Mt St Helen or Persuvius.
Andrew got the brunt of it. He survived, and luckily does not bear a grudge. Caelin also saw the Wrath of Gram and bore it well.

I am ashamed of my anger and know that it is probably the biggest fault I have. I have other faults but my quick temper and hateful words are the worst. I feel sick inside and would just shudder if the Lord came and watched my behavior or heard my words. Now isn't that silly, He does hear and see all, so who am I trying to kid.

They say that acknowledgement is the first step. Not only acknowledgement but confession. So now I have opened this up to the world and will try to mend my erring ways. It may take a while. How about if I just hole up somewhere and wait for the grandchildren to grow up... Guess I better practice counting to Ten and visualize myself being calm. Keep your fingers crossed.

;abbreviations a go go

Before I got OOB I was SOB, I got an RT TX and then felt better. I used my FWW to get around. Then did my ADL's and was ready for the day. I ate 100% BRKFT and then went T x 1, and had a Med Soft. I took all my Q D meds. ASAP I called my SO for a chat. He told me his ETA. Then we discussed upcoming events such as the FHE on monday and the HBD party this sat. After the phone call I did my PT, OT, and before I knew it the time had slipped by and it was now HS so I went MOD I to bed.

I made a list of all the things this week I have to do so I would not miss anything. The kids have MIA, or as they say YM/YW. RS meets on tues. My SO has a PPI with the HPGL. I need to call to order cookies for the PTA mtg. We have a DA with the Elders. I want to program the VCR for a program I do not want to miss. I guess they call it a DVR nowadays.

This is getting longer than I thought so I will now cut to the chase as in RDCV.

So now depending on how much of that you understood you either are one of my children, work with me, or go to my church. I did this as a funny for Ruthykins. hahahaha

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I had a "Whoa" moment...

Back in March I injured my right arm. After chiropractic care, and specialist care my arm is finally on the mend. I have a pool in the back yard that has a Yurt around it so that the air and water are warm and I can do exercises in there. I do the exercises I was instructed to do and I always do feel better after the 45 minutes.

Yesterday I was resting in bed a while and thought that I would wake up in the afternoon to go exercise in the pool. Well, I woke up at 1:30 pm and thought "I am still sleepy and what would it matter if I skipped a day". Well all of a sudden the words to the Hymn "How Firm a Foundation" came to mind: 'I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand..." Whoa!!!! Can't get much clearer than that. I have prayed that my arm gets healed and I have had a blessing. I have the time and means to do the aquacizes... So I got out of bed to exercise, and yes I did feel better.

I am thankful for a Heavenly Father that cares about my everyday things that He would encourage me to get OOB and get with the program.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The man was almost late

On Sunday Hubby and I were driving to the Reno Airport. He was heading off to work. He had a bag of needed tools with him to fix buses in Utah. Well we no sooner were on the high way when we noticed a traffic jam. It was started at the hospital. 2 lanes were at a stand still. We talked about what other route we could take and how to get off the highway when Hubby starts to back up. He says there is not much traffic and that he will get off the previous ramp. Well... a plain car with a siren tells him to "Go forward". He says back that he will miss his flight. Again with the " Go Forward". So Hubby goes forward. Then he sees that he is far enough back from the cement dividers that he can go down around them and cross over to the other side. I was afraid he would get a ticket. But he didn't. The unmarked car had gone away. Yay. The we head toward Dayton to take the Virginia City route. Winding, Uphill road. Time is a factor because you have to check in your luggage 45 minutes before your flight or the bags don't go. So that means no tools. We had talked about that and decide that if he is too late that I will overnight the tools to him. Anyway, we made it to the airport and get him checked in Just in time. Whew! But not knowing how 395 will be on the way home, he advises me to take Virginia City back. It is no less winding or hilly. I made it safely home and then Hubby calls me with the details of the road closing. Then he emails it to me and I have posted it here. He says it will probably be a movie some day. Here is the tale:

Washoe County Sheriff's deputies are still investigating a homicide along HIghway 395 in Washoe Valley, that ended in a chase, and the arrest of the suspected killer.At about 12:35 p.m. today, a man shot another man in the northbound lanes in Washoe County, leaving the victim's body lying near the fence, according to Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy Brooke Keast.A passerby on 395 stopped saw the body lying in the ditch, and stopped his vehicle. As he was trying to render aid, the shooter returned and shot the good Samaritan, police said.Washoe Sheriff's Deputy Brooke Keast said the Samaritan was able to give a description of the shooter's vehicle. He was transported to a Reno hospital. His condition is unknown at this time.Washoe Sheriff's Deputies, Carson City Sheriff's Deputies and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers located the suspect vehicle in the area of Franktown Road off Old 395 and gave chase. The suspect left his vehicle and fled on foot, discarding his clothes and large amounts of cash, according to police.A Washoe deputy and his K-9 located the suspect hidden in brush behind a home on Bellevue Drive.Traffic northbound at 395 is being diverted to East Lake Boulevard and was backed up for several hours all the way to Carson-Tahoe Regional Healthcare. Keast said the names of the suspect and two victims will likely not be released today. The suspect, however, is described as a Hispanic male from Carson City.Carson City investigators are assisting in the investigation and at 8 p.m. were awaiting a warrant to search a room at the Gold Dust West Casino on Highway 50 East. The connection to the room was not clear, but Sheriff Ken Furlong confirmed it is related to the Washoe Valley incident. Keast said Search and Rescue crews are combing the area for evidence. She said a weapon was found near the scene, but it has yet to be determined to be the murder weapon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Words of advice

We received the circle letter the other day and the following are a few words of advice from my hubby's brothers and sisters.

Don't criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes, then you will be a mile away and you will also have his shoes.

When you receive constructive criticism, or when bad things happen to good people: apply a Q-TIP (quit taking it personally)

I thought that was very good advice.