Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sew, Sew

Well, since I cannot wear blue on Sundays anymore, I decided it is time to make summer jumpers out of other colors. I bought some material and thread and started in. I made 2 already and have 3 to go. Problem is, I don't REALLY know how to sew. I play at it. I make a lot of mistakes and shudder that a real sewer would even think of looking at my work. It is good enough for me, but not for others- kind of stuff.

With that being said, I did make dresses for Ruth and Emmy. Mistakes and all, they don't seem to mind. The patterns are cute and look nice on them. Just wish I was a better seamstress.

So now my motto is " My Sew-Sew is so-so". Cute, eh?