Sunday, April 25, 2010

Found Her

With the help of my niece and her husband I was able to re-connect with a high school friend. She does not have facebook but her daughter does and I have been following her. Sadly my friend's spouse died of a trucking accident a few years ago. Her mother is still alive and she is enjoying being with her. My friend has children and grandchildren and it will be nice to catch up with her after all these many years.
She was my best friend and she got me through a lot of tough years by just being there and being my friend. I was part of her wedding party and saw her first child as part of her family. Then we lost contact and I have been unable to find her through the years. My moving and her moving did not help very much.
We had a nice long phone conversation. We laughed and just enjoyed the moment. I look forward to visiting her in the near future.
Why don't you reach out and touch someone today. Let your fingers do the walking. It will lighten your spirits..

Monday, April 5, 2010

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

The other day the garage door did not work. It was frustrating. It went up part way and then went down again. I could not get my car out and had to make arrangements to get to work. I tried to respice the wires, no go. I tried to unlatch the automatic latch so I could open it up manually. The latch was hard to pull and it took all my strength. Finally it came down but it made no difference. I was not able to open the door manually. Talk about frustration now. So I had tried everything I know and nothing was working. It had taken me quite a while with the wire work because it was old and brittle and kept breaking as I endeavored to strip it.
So I decided to put the manual latch back into place and then my hubby could look at it when he came home. The stupid latch would not go back into place. Ugh!!!!! I was up and down the ladder several times. I tried to put it in by hand and then by hammer. No go. Double Ugh!!! So I asked myself "why don't you pray about it? you are always asking your hubby that/"
I stopped what I was doing and said a short prayer asking for the strength to put the latch back in place. I took my trusty hammer and climbed the ladder. Voila! Latch went back in to place.
I remember another time I said a 2 word prayer and was immediately helped.
Prayers can be for anything, anytime, anywhere we need help. I pray fully expecting to receive an answer....even if the answer is no. I trust that I am only a "prayer" away from the Father's help.
There are not enough words to express my belief in prayer. The only thing I can say is that with God all things are possible.