Monday, July 5, 2010

I Love A Parade....

Now that I have your attention....This has nothing to do with parades. But it does have to do with holiday and crowds.
I have always enjoyed going to watch Fireworks on the 4th of July. Sparklers, snakes, etc. in the front yard. Traditionally we have gotten together with friends and family and had a cook out and then watched the skies light up together. This year was different.
Being on sunday we went to all our church meetings and did not get home until 3:30pm (long-story). Then we ate and relaxed and I watched some MO TAB on patriotic themes while the man took a nap. Then I made chocolate cup cakes from the Family Favorite Recipe. And we took our lawn chairs and blankets and headed for the church lawn.
We met up with the other 2 daughters and their families and enjoyed Oohing and Ahhing together. I sure enjoyed that. Sharing a moment of pure satisfaction with those I love.
Then the bubble burst. The man says, "now I remember why I hate crowds and traffic". Shame on him. It only happens once a year, and it does not cost a penny, and I enjoy it so much. Then he had to admit that he enjoys watching the display, he just wishes it were not such a hastle. So now I have a whole year to figure out how to De-hastle the event.
Oh, Well.....Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th.
PS I could not sing the national anthem in church without having to stop for the tears in my eyes and the crack in my voice. I love the land that Heavenly Father has so richly blessed. I love that I am an American. I love that we have a democracy for government and that we have the freedom to change things. I love that our country helps the downtrodden. I love it that we are not These United States but The United States, as a whole. That we are One Nation, under God.
I love the 4th and all that it stands for and for the belief in Freedom so strong that several gave their lives so that it can Ring.