Monday, May 31, 2010

It's the small things

My daughter and I recently visited other family members in another state. We had a nice visit and all went well, for the most part.
On the day we were to leave for home it started to snow great big flakes. She did not have a scraper and just as we got a few blocks from home my daughter rolled her window down half way to look for traffic. Then the electric window did not want to go back up. I told her to pull over and try to jiggle the window while using the electic button. She did this a few times but the window would not move.
I told her to use 2 hands to wiggle the window, then use the button. She did but still no go.
I could not think of another thing to do and while I was contemplating this she said, "why don't you pray while I work on this?"
Well, with her faith in the power of prayer I quickly said a silent prayer. I thought about doing the jiggling from the outside. Without saying anything I got out of the car and went to her window. I said to push the button while I jiggled the window. It worked, I got back into the car and buckled up.
Then my daughter asked if I had prayed. I answered I did. She said she wondered because all of a sudden I was jumping out of the car and around to her side.
It was indeed a miracle to me and an answer to pray. I could not think of anything to do differently, but after the prayer I thought of "outside". Why did going outside make a difference? I don't know. All I know is that I got an immediate impression after I prayed. I had faith in her faith in the power of prayer.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Was My Face Red....

Well, if you are of the sweemish sort, I suggest you stop reading, because to get the full affect I will detail the info.
Last friday night I was at my daughter's house in Utah. Her family was there plus my daughter from Nevada and her two children. The little ones were off playing, and the teens were busy with their friends. The "adults" were at the kitchen table playing a game. We are known for uncontrollable laughter. We had eaten a bunch of food and had pop and snacks. Needless to say I felt bloated but had not heard or felt any rumblings.
Something that was said struck my funny bone and I started to laugh, and hard. Then I heard myself Ripp a loud one. My son-in-law shoved his chair back fast, as if it was going to get on him. Then the quote from the Simpson's came to my mind, "Well, that shut me up!" I began to laugh more and even started to shake because I could not get ahold of the gas attack. Spurt, Splort, Sputter! My son-in-law said, "I believe we have lift-off." And I laughed all the more. I was sooooo embarrassed.
We did calm down and I went to the bathroom to relieve any further gas and everytime I thought about the whole thing I laughed again. I am so glad and sorry at the same time, that it happened around family. On the one hand family will just chalk it up to Old People. On the other hand I will probably never live it down.
On Saturday we all gathered at another daughter's house and the first daughter brought along a can of room deodorizer. Funny.....
We all had a good chuckle at that, at my expense. I still feel so embarrassed at the whole thing and yet when I recall it I laugh all over again.
So my apologies to those of you who experienced this first hand, and my apologies to those of you who read this and are shaking your heads.
I shall go down in history as Rip Van Stinkle......

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

favorite cereal

When I was little we ate oatmeal and cooked grits for cereal, pancakes and bacon, eggs and toast, french toast....and while all these are still good I remember my favorote Store Bought cereal. My choice was Frosted Flakes, the tony the tiger one, because they're Great!
My brother chose between Sugar Smacks and Sugar Pops. I liked those too, but they weren't as good as Tony's. My dad's favorite was Wheaties. He ate so many of them that I am surprised they never put his picture on the box. These were special cereals. Back in the day it was the oddity, not the normalcy to have store bought cereal. And there were not many choices either.
Today eating cereal out of the box is the norm. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Snack time too. The variety is so tremendous that I am sure you can find Something you will like.
Recently a family member came home with the Old Shredded Wheat in the Big Chunks. My hubby was surprised they still made it. Speaking of hubby, he was a farm boy so he had hot cereal and eggs a lot. He still likes those today. He will eat a cold cereal sometimes, but not too often. And when he does it is like this shredded wheat thing.
I bought boxed cereal for my little ones and also had hot cereals of oatmeal, mush, and Cocoa Wheats. Cocoa Wheats are made in Indiana. We can find them at the Walmart in the west though. The Big Walmart, not the Small one.
The cereals I bought were the generics of their day. Captain Crunch and the like. Occasionally we would buy the Real cereal for them, the kind with the commercials on tv. I am sure they had their favorites too. It seems like each child sat with a box infront of them.
And that thought brings me back to my childhood. I remember my brother and I sitting at the kitchen table with our little cowboy hat bowls and boot cups eating our cereal. Mine was red and his was yellow. Each with our favorite cereal box infront of us.
How about you, what was your favorite cereal?