Monday, December 27, 2010


We started off this season by going to Indiana for our First Christams with the children. We saw the 2 kids there and the little children. Got tons of presents, for which we are grateful, ate great food by which we got stuffed, but more importantly we got to See them and visit with them. Then we traveled to Utah for our Second Christmas. We enjoyed ourselves there as well, again seeing the 2 kids there and the children. Again, a ton of gifts and a ton of food. Then we headed back home to wait a week for our Third Christmas with the kids and the children. We once again had an enjoyable time as we visited and and got our ton of presents. (this was on Old Christmas day... the 26th)

Since we are getting old (older) and have everything we need, I am sure it is hard for the children to think of what to get us. But they always come up with something great. Some times it is edible, some times it smells good, some times it is beautiful, but always just the right thing.

This year I had a dilema of what to get my hubby. He seems to have everything he needs. And what I don't know about tools could fill volumns. So I decided to give him a note that says how much I appreciate him. Then the more I thought about it, I decided to ask the children to write something about Dad. It did not have to be long, but just to write something. Well, they did and then I got it all together and put a little cover on it and wrapped it up. I knew he would never guess what it could be. He opened it up when we had our Third Christmas. He started to read it and then sneaked off to the back room to read the whole thing. When he came back he said he enjoyed it and that it made him cry. I told him that one of the children called it his eulogy.

I am glad he liked it and that the children could take a moment from their schedules to think about him. This man puts up with a lot from me...I mean what man in his right mind would tolerate a grown woman jumping on the bed saying, "It's Christmas, It's Christmas".