Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year, New Goals

When we visited the Mid-West Brother Huxford gave a lesson that I thought might be beneficial to others.
"Don't Keep Score"
He starts out be saying when his twins were playing T-ball his son kept score (even when T-ball doesn't keep score), In his heart and mind he "knew" if he won or lost. He was sad when his team lost and happy when his team won. On the contrast his sister did not keep score. She just played and had fun Every game. She got her turn at bat and got her turn in the field and just enjoyed the game and being with her friends. She had the better experience Each game.
Then Brother Huxford talked about his first year of marriage. He had a job and was a student, his wife had a job and was a student. One day the football game was on tv. He was on the couch watching the game and his wife was vacuumining the floor. This did not bother him much until she started to vacuum right in front of the tv. Then he said," What are you doing?" She then said, "I am sweeping the floor, what are YOU doing?" He then realized that he was just lounging about while she was doing the work. That ended the game watching. He could have said, Well I work and study this many hours while you work and study that many hours, but he realized that they were partners and that you don't keep score in a marriage. You talk about the goals and how to achieve them and what each person will add to the marriage. You would drive yourself nuts if you kept score. "Since I did this you owe me that. Or because you did this than I can do that." That may be fair and equal but it does not lead to happiness. This can also be applied to church or work or friendships.
You know that sometimes you think about the people who come late for church Every time. Or the lady in church that wears a little too much make-up, or the man who only comes once in a while to church. You can think yourself a little better than they perhaps. What about at work when you see that someone else gets recognized for their work and you think to yourself that you Know you work harder than they do. Or you find out that they make just as much or more than you do, for the less work they do. What about people who always go to someone else's party but do not show up at your house for your party? Do you invite them again, or do you erase them from your list. Keeping Score....Not the road to happiness.
A job well done by you in your home, work, church, and among your friends will lead to happiness. You give what you can and they give what they can into the relationship. Enjoy the moment, be happy with yourself and with others. That is the key. So this new year of new starts Quit Keeping Score.
HAPPY New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

for the record

One time we watched a Christmas movie where a large family hung Mistletoe and then sang a song to gather everyone under the Mistletoe.
Who'll stand under the mistletoe with me? Who, who will come hither, who, who will it be?
With a Hey diddle-lee die do, Hey diddle-lee doo.
I'll stand under the mistletoe with you.

I have missed singing that song and gathering the children. Maybe they will do this with their family.

Music: (Middle) C C D E F E D G G G
(Middle) C C D E D C A A G F G
G G (HI ) C B B A G E
(Middle) C C D E F E D G (LO)B (Middle) C

You're Welcome

Friday, December 18, 2009

All about our Christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas Meme
I've seen a few other holiday memes out there, and decided to come up with my own. If you wanna play along, just copy and paste into your own blog -- of course changing the answers to reflect your own! Oh - and if you celebrate something besides Christmas, like Hanukah, Kwanza, or Festivus, maybe you could tell us about that too!

1 The last time I went caroling- was when I took my little cub scouts around the neighborhood.
2. My favorite Drink in the winter is - Hot Cocoa
3. Favorite Holiday meal - Turkey and Pumpkin pie, Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, Corn and pumpkin pie, Hot rolls and pumpkin pie, Mashed potatoes and gravy and pumpkin pie, and then for dessert Pumpkin pie
4. I think Fruit Cake - Nasty
5. One tradition we had growing up - was to wake up before our parents so we could jump up and down on their beds and shout, "Merry Christmas!"
6. One tradition we have now - Getting up early to Christmas music, opening presents, and eating waffles and hot cocoa
7. I get my Christmas Tree from - The garage attic
8. I usually decorate - before December 1st so that it looks ready for Christmas when my girls have their birthdays
9. On Christmas Eve I/we usually - sleep. I used to go to a church that had a midnight service and that was nice. But the one I go to now does not do that. One time I went caroling on Christmas Eve. Now I end up working on Christmas Eve so those with young children can enjoy the holiday.
10. On Christmas morning I/we wake up - early, of course we pick a different day for the early rising.
11. One special thing I make at Christmas time is - my tummy full of candy, nuts, and tangerines
12. My Favorite Christmas song is - "I'll Be Home for Christmas", "The Christmas Song", "Greensleeves", ."I dreaming of a White Christmas.....
13. Every Christmas - I play Johnny Mathis on the record player. Make Gingerbread houses.
14. I hang my stockings - by the Chimney with care
15. Something I look forward to at Christmas time is - getting together to open presents and playing games.
16. My Favorite Thing about the Holidays -is opening all the cards and hanging them on the walls.
Feel free to add your name here if you participate so we can all join in the fun!
1. puphigirl2. patricia miller
3. You're next!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Partial Tidings

We visited the midwest and saw 2 of our children for the holidays. Then we went to Utah and saw 2 more.

Good times had by all. We ate a lot and had good travels. My hubby and & I did not even get sick and tired of each other....a small feat in itself when you consider that I am a front seat back-seat driver and very vocal (think of Hyacinth) and do not care to travel a lot by car. Long days and several days in a row took its toll physically but mentally we were terrific.

We first got in to town where Samuel lives. He was out of town to be with Jenny in Indy. So we unloaded all of our stuff and finalized our plans for the next day then got some much needed sleep. We first went to Sam's brothers and sisters holiday gathering for the siblings and children still at home and marrieds under a year. Marvin played the dulcimer, we played a game by Elva, we ate a lot of delicious food, we sang a carol, and talked a lot. Even looked at some things on the computer and the dvr.

Then we went shopping for food for sunday and monday. On sunday we went to church in Elkhart and got invited to Boyce's for lunch and Gibson's for supper. Yummy food again. Plus the visiting we got in there.

Monday we went to Sarah's and did a few fixit things. It was nice to spend time with her and her family. She even put up her tree while we were there. Then being the old people we are we left to go sleep at Samuel's. We caught up with Samuel that night and he looked fine. We would see him again at Sarah's on Tuesday.

Tuesday we went shopping again and then to Sarah's. We snacked and then Sarah made the best ever chili and then we snacked again. Samuel came after work and we all enjoyed each other and the little children. We opened presents and watched them play for a little bit. Then we retired again to Samuel's.

Wednesday we took my niece Debora out to lunch and visited with her a little bit, then we stopped by to see Aunt Kiyoko and she fed us again. Then we headed for the motel in Illinois. We slept a few hours then headed out again to make good time.

We arrived in Utah on Friday and shopped again and then went to Naomi's to visit a little and attend her ward's Christmas dinner. We had a nice time and good food (again).

Saturday we headed to Emma's to help her set up her church for the ward dinner that night. Naomi's family came for the Miller Early Christmas Gathering. We ate and opened presents and played games. Then we stayed for Emma's ward Christmas dinner. Again good food. Sam played Santa for Emma's ward.

Sunday we came home, and just beat the storm that blew in. We unloaded the car, and Sam got our decorations down so we could decorate for Christmas. It felt odd not having them up already.

We ended up getting 14 inches of snow and it was very cold and dreary. Sam did not go to work and Ruth did not come over for laundry day. We just holed up and enjoyed the day.

We are now waiting for EJ to join us for Christmas. Rachel and her family, and Ruth and her family will all be with us to enjoy the last of our Christmas Gathering. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year.