Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Random Things

The Challenge: Post 5 things that people do not already know about you.

1. I am shy.

2. I have many fears.

3. I am quick to anger.

4. I have to force myself to read.

5. I like the sunshine even though I am a night owl.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chore Charts

A long time ago I wondered why my sister-in-law got so much done in her day, while my day just seemed to vanish without much accomplished. It was then that I learned she planned her work and worked her plan.
Hence, chore charts. The children had a new thing in their lives: the chart on the fridge. Plus individual cards were made listing the tasks required for each chore. So for Kitchen it might say
1. set the table 2. clear the table 3. wash & dry dishes 4. put dishes away. 5. wipe the counters and the stove. 6. sweep the floor.
For bathroom it might say: 1. wipe mirror 2. clean sink and tub. 3. clean toilet 4. sweep floor
5. add toilet paper roll if needed.
Anyway, you get the picture. We had 7 children so we had 7 chores. The kitchen one was divided so 2 people could work that one job.
Yeah, they complained and did not want to really do their chores. I explained that their cousins who lived on a farm had far greater chores than these. That this was their home and they needed to care for it.
The other thing I added was when they were 12 they got to do their own laundry. This way they might take care of it better. It showed them they could be responsible for more things.
To all this I might add that this was the plan. They really did not do this whole-heartedly. It was a chore for me to get them to do this.
Our house always looked "lived-in". I did not expect a magazie picture house. But I wanted it so it could be "picked up" fast if we got company.
I kinda have that look of being "lived-in" now. And I also have a chore chart for myself.
I get more done when I follow it. Let's see today is tuesday, so it is laundry day. Gotta go. C-U-Later.